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IZINOW Portable Game Console

IZINOW Portable Game Console

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1. Immersive Display: 3.5-inch IPS OGA screen delivers vibrant visuals
2. Versatile Gaming: Open-source system supports various retro emulators
3. Portable Entertainment: Handheld design allows gaming anytime, anywhere
4. Enhanced Control: Special back buttons offer precise gameplay maneuvers

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  • Retro Gaming Nostalgia

    Experience classic games from various consoles, appealing to customers who cherish nostalgia and want to relive their gaming memories

  • Portability and Convenience

    With its handheld design, the console offers on-the-go entertainment, making it appealing to customers who seek portable gaming solutions for travel or leisure.

  • Educational Entertainment

    Provides not only fun but also educational benefits such as improving hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, appealing to parents who prioritize learning through play.

Introducing the RetroPixel Pro! 


❓Do I need to install anything?

Portable Gaming Console comes pre-installed with 15,000 games, just turn it on and get playing!

❓Can I add more games?

Yes! The system allows for unlimited handheld game installations.

❓How well do the games run?

The system is built with a quad-core processor; in other words, you can expect smooth and fast gaming with excellent image quality!

❓Can games be played offline?

Absolutely! This whole system can be played offline! The games come preloaded. The only time you'll need the internet is when you decide to install more games!